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The Department of Transportation and Science (DTS) provides variety of degree programs for the prospective students who are interested in marine science and transportation industry.

For those who are in transportation and logistics industry, academic institutes or government agencies, and are prepared themselves to be interdisciplinary leaders, the faculty and courses of DTS also provide the environment for you to explore advance knowledge and understanding.

The DTS programs are designed to prepare students to pursue the fields of transportation and logistics, as well as IoT, and up-to-date science and technology. DTS promote not only specialization, but also breadth of expertise and professionalism. The students could also learn the ability of study and think independently, and familiarity with the principal techniques and important literature in the field.

  • Undergraduate Programs.
    • Bachelor of Science (BS)
  • Graduate Programs.
    • Master of Science (MS)
    • Executive Master of Science (EMS) on Management of Transportation & Supply Chain.