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  • DTS Positioning: Department of Transportation Science is pursuing the goals with excellent education and maritime-oriented researches.
  • DTS Goal: To cultivate international transportation and logistics management planning talents with global views, and strive to develop the industry and government in related areas.
  • Core Literacy
    • Humanities and maritime-caring.
    • Global literacy.
    • Scientific applications.
  • Core Competence:
    • Professional capabilities on technology, management and innovation with international competitive for international transportation and logistics.
    • Intercultural communication and social caring.
  • Research Centers:
    • International Transportation Center (Sponsored by the MOTC, Ministry of Transportation & Communications and collaborate with National Chiao-Tung University to establish a Northern Regional Transportation R&D Center, with the goal of becoming a critical think-tank for the development of domestic air and sea transport)
    • International Transportation and Logistics Center.
    • Navigation Information Center.
  • Academic Highlights:
    • Undergraduate programs: Seamlessly integrate with industry and government agencies through "Internship" and "Academia and Industry Collaboration."
    • Graduate programs: Research on maritime intelligent transportation technology, international transportation and warehousing and distribution;
    • Focus on morality and cultivate research talents with cross-cultural communication and social caring.
  • Career Development:
    • Academics & Institutes: Academic and policy institutions such as shipping technology, transportation and logistics, transportation economy, traffic management and big data analysis.
    • Industries: shipping, air transport, mass transportation, supply chain, logistics and warehousing management, aviation services, engineering consultants, IoT and international port operations.
    • Civil services: employed by government agencies through qualification tests, such as aviation administration, road administration, post office and telecommunications, transportation management and customs duties, etc.