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Labs & Facilities.

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Marine Intelligent Transportation System Laboratory (MITS)

TEC 403A

Dr. Sheng-Long Kao

Intelligent Transportation Control Laboratory

TEC 403B

Dr. Sin-Der Lee

International Logistics and Shipping Laboratory

TEC 516A

Dr. Tsan-Huang Huang

Dr. Eric Ting

Transportation Safety and Management Laboratory & International Trade Laboratory

TEC 516B

Dr. Kuo-Chung Shang

Dr. Chi-Hung Wu

 International Transportation Research Center

TEC 604

Dr. Yu-Chun Chang

Logistics Management and Efficiency Analysis Laboratory

TEC 615A

Dr. Ming-Miin Yu

Dr. Jenn-Rong Lin

Decision Support System Research Center

TEC 1001

Dr. Min-Der Ko

Marine Geographic Information System Laboratory & Navigational Information Systems Research Center

TEC 1002

Dr. Chien-Min Su

Transportation and Optimization Laboratory

TEC 1013

Dr. Ching-Hui Tang

Sustainable Product and Supply Chain Laboratory

TEC 1003

Dr. Wu-Hsun Chung

Logistics & Reefer Cargo Operation Transportation Laboratory

TEC 1013

Dr. Tai-Yuan Shao

East Asian Shipping and Logistics Laboratory

TEC 1013

Dr. Sheng-Teng Huang

Supply Chain Management Laboratory

TEC 1016

Dr. Ming-Feng Yang

International Transport and Logistics Research Center & IoT & Intelligent Logistics Laboratory.

TEC 1015

Dr. Mengru Tu

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Transportation Computer Lab.

TEC 401

Study Room for DTS Graduate students

TEC 414

Office of DTS Student Association

TEC 415

Laboratory for International Transportation Research

TEC 501

Classroom for Robots Simulation 

TEC 503

DTS e-Classroom

TEC 504~505

GIS Laboratory

TEC 509

DTS Office

TEC 517

DTS Library & Study Room

TEC 601

Logistics & Distribution Laboratory

TEC 602

Smart Transportation Laboratory

TEC 603

DTS Lecture Hall

TEC 701

DTS Grandview Lecture Hall

TEC 1002