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Transferring programs

  Transferring Programs, (School to school)


Undergraduate Program--Transfer Test

2019 summer transfer Test.

1. Registration date: 2019.xx.xx to 2019.xx.xx.

2. Documents review (100%)

3. Online registration: URL: http://exam.ntou.edu.tw/



Department of Transportation Science

Prospective students



Admission quota







Documents required

1.         Transcript (with ranking).

2.         Bibliography with career planning. (with A4, no more than 1,000 words.)

3.         Other documents, such as English test grades, awards, research reports, thesis, certificates, or financial aid documents, etc.

Tests (ratio)

Documents review (100%)



Please refer to the Division of Admission, Office of Academic Affairs, NTOU.



   Transferring Programs (Department to department)

Application date: 2019.xx.xx to 2019.xx.xx.

Department of Transportation Science, DTS.

Prospective students: sophomore and junior students.

Insufficient admission if necessary.

Documents for review:

      Transcripts (includes rankings);

Statement of Purpose: less than 1000 words, the purpose of transfer, advantages & strength, community experience, future ideals;

Other proofs or documents that support for transfer.


1. Time: 2019.XX.XX.XXXX

2. Location: Room 608, Technology Building.

3. Interview as the main criteria for qualification.


Please refer to the Division of Registration and Curriculum, Office of Academic Affairs.