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Research Areas


          Our faculty work within and beyond the disciplines of engineering and foundational science. Our approach to teaching and research is, by design, highly interdisciplinary. We collaborate across academic areas, within the larger university, and with colleagues in academia, industry, government and public service organizations beyond NTOU.

Research Areas

  • Marine transportation.
  • Transportation & Logistics Performance Evaluation and Management.
    • Professor Ming-Miin Yu.
  • Ship Maneuvering.
  • Low-Temperature Logistics & Frozen container practice.
  • Analysis & Design of Transportation systems and logistics systems.
    • Professor Jenn-Rong Lin.
  • Shipping Management, Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management.
    • Professor Kuo-Chung Shang.
    • Professor Ming-Feng Yang.
  • Enterprise management.
  • Air Transport management.
    • Professor Yu-Chun Chang.
  • Decision Support Systems.
    • Professor Ming-Feng Yang.
    • Professor Min-Der Ko.
  • IoT & RFID.