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| History |

The Department of Navigation Technology was established in 1985 to meet the trends in shipboard automation and increasing needs for the marine transportation market in Taiwan. Originally, we offered two 2-year undergraduate programs and one 4-year undergraduate program, all three programs lead to a major in Navigation and a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. The department was then renamed the Department of Navigation in 1998 , the Department of Transportation Technology in 2003, the Department Transportation and Navigation Science in 2005, and the Department of Transportation Science in 2010.

| Development Focuses |

  • Enhancing the graduates’ competitive advantages The Department takes a multi-disciplinary approach to serve the diverse field of logistics and operations management, shipping management, transportation, warehousing and all industries whose success depends on the effective and efficient management of the flow of materials, information and financial resources. In doing so, it strives to increase the graduates’ competitive advantages and professional knowledge to meet the industry’s human resource requirements.
  • Improving both academic and applied research The Department's research portfolio encompasses both academic and applied research, and consultancy for the shipping, transportation and logistics industries, addressing both commercial and technological research needs. Greater emphasis is now placed on navigation and transportation and, increasingly, on issues relating to logistics, supply chain and intermodalism. Professional services to the shipping, transportation and logistics industries are also provided by the staff in the form of consultancy in such areas as efficiency and quality improvement studies, market and operational analysis, marine accident prevention and navigation.

|Education Goal|

Our education goal is to cultivate integrative and innovative transportation managers and leaders with an understanding of the world of transportation systems along with analysis tools, and knowledge in technology and its potential.